Hi, I'm Eda!
I love building solutions with code.

My passion for creating was ignited when I was a kid.
I learned that I could make magic happen in a web browser.
A knack for problem-solving, exploring, and learning new systems,
led me through a vibrant career in the video games industry as a marketing professional.
But a bit of an odd one.
My favorite moments involved gaining expertise in new technologies
and developing tools to improve workflows.
I am now in the midst of a transition to become a full-time Software Engineer.

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Stream Tweeter

Stream Tweeter is a single-page React application that automates social media publishing for people who stream on Twitch. It uses the Twitch and Twitter APIs to publish dynamically generated content (Twitch Clips) and information about a user’s Twitch stream to the user's Twitter feed.

Tech Stack

Python, Flask, PostgreSQL, SQLAlchemy, APScheduler, Javascript, React, Less, Twitch API, Twitter API, nginx, gunicorn, AWS

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